Music video: Big Bang - Monster

I have to hand it to Big Bang. Whenever I think the outfits, the hair and the make-up can't get any more metrosexual and 200°C all does. 

This was looking like some high budget gay porn without the cock shots. Taeyang's afro puffs. Daesung's blinging nose rings. G-Dragon's wigs. T.O.P's hat. Taeyang's glitter spangled bib. G-Dragon's wigs. Taeyang's glitter spangled necklace. G-Dragon's wigs. Big Bang's rider list runner (aka Seungri) was the only standard looking member of the group. That's probabaly because they had him picking yellow Skittles out of a bowl for most of the make up and wardrobe fittings...and because ain't nobody caring about Seugnri.

G-Dragon's wigs.


  1. LOL High budget gay porno is a pretty accurate description. Daesung looked like Girahim from Skyward Sword. I've said this before, and I'll say it again, I'm convinced G-Dragon has a vagina. Those wigs put and weaves put bitches to shame. The whole thing reminded me of a fan fiction big bang/ anime hybrid. G-Dragon looked like he was cosplaying as Mello from Death Note.

    On a random note, I like Seungri's bar piercing. I want one like it now... haha

  2. I haven't like anything they've done this year except for Bad Boy. This song is just unnecessary.

  3. K-pop is K-pop is K-pop. Boring.

  4. their recent videos have been a bit much, like we get the whole androgynous thing, they have taken it to another level bb you guys are basically the kings of it now

  5. I actually liked it, but yeah, I felt an odd cosplay vibe or something. At the end, G-dragon reminded me of Cloud. I was waiting for that buster sword. I just started following Big Bang, so far I liked Bad Boy and Fantastic Baby makes a great alarm, but I like this song too... Mostly because of the porn.


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