Namie sits in a car and stays miserable in the music video preview for "In the spotlight (Tokyo)"

It would probably be too much to ask for Namie Amuro to dance her ass of in a crub jam about twerking it in spotlights. Hence why this preview to the music video for "In the spotlight (Tokyo)" features Namie sat in a car.

It would seem she's on that lazy Checkmate! swag again. Sitting in seats to da beats. Although there's still another 2 minutes worth of video we're yet to see and she could turn it out for those. I'm doubtful she will. And I'm not getting my hopes up only to be dissapointed. The visuals in the video look hot though. Really colourful and striking. If Namie doesn't turn it out in dis video...


  1. The teaser is pretty much the the whole video. She looks good though. The video definitely looks like it has a higher budget than her recent ones.

  2. Its kind of like rock steady and love game put together. well in terms of styling..

  3. She didn't! She sat in the car, and casually worked a bit of hip in front of a white backdrop. While in the mean time, people are running, jumping and there's a huge rave going on in the Tokyo undergrounds with break dancers and people on drugs! Only Namie! She's definitely again on that "Checkmate!" swag...


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