A preview of Crystal Kay looking fly in Far east movement's music video for "Where the wild things flop"

We may have some choice words for Crystal's collaboration with Far east movement in regards to what we hear or don't hear. But what we see? It may be a different thing entirely.

I told this ho to pimp these Far east movement n***a's to get that money and that's exactly what she's doing. From the looks of things Crystal will feature heavily in this video, which I'm all for. She looks as though she's having a blast. Kev Nish was focusing every piece of his attention on her, whilst J-Spliff looked mad and miserable that Crystal had longer and nicer hair to whip and that she's the bigger star on that set. He knows full well who CK is, even if nobody in the US does...or most of Japan for that matter. She best helicopter dat ponytail.

Watching this gave me pangs for an M-Flo and Crystal Kay collabo. 


  1. Now I want an M-Flo collab, too. M-Flo ALWAYS hooks Crystal up. Their videos are fun, and Crystal always looks good, sounds good, and fits right in with the group's vibe. At one point, I seriously thought she was going to become their permanent vocalist. And I'm not going to lie...I'd love it.

  2. On the Japan charts, This is doing very well. 1 on Japan Itunes and 5 somewhere else. CK posted it on twitter.

  3. my friend said it's not doing well in the US this song is a disappointment

  4. Myy gurl CK is pimpin this wack ass rappers she is a female huster.

    Ima ride or live with Ckay cuz im Stan

    U.S we taken ova !

  5. *splashes holy water in my face* CK is continuously slaying me, she looks hot and is busting them moves!!! I need this to be on rotation in the US and UK so i can be where the wild things are too!!!
    Loving that long ponytail look... #WERK

  6. Is this out in the US? If so, I havent heard it. Period.

  7. It's sad how the only time I've heard this song I didn't recognize Crystal's voice.... Now that I know this, it makes perfect sense why I liked the hook. I honestly hated everything else in the song...


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