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Jasmine's 8th single "Best partner" | News

The chameleon wig catcher aka Jasmine needs yen for new wigs. She's already cut, dyed and crimped her old ones, and her girls are starting to twig that she may be recycling wigs. So it's time for that new new. Hence, a new single to float the bank account. Jasmine will release a new single on July 25th titled "Best partner". The single / EP will feature 3 songs in total and 1 instrumental. The release is not a triple A-side though. And as far as I'm aware, not all of the songs will receive a video. Jasmine probabaly just about has a budget to shoot one let alone three. Sony don't give that money for videos. We've already seenhow MiChi had to shoot all of her videos on her iPhone.

  1. Best partner
  2. B*TCH*S
  3. Touch me on the beach
  4. Best partner (Instrumental)

"Best partner" sounds weak. But the titles for the other two songs leave me in the hope that we will get swag and skank filth. "B*TCH*S" needs to go horrrrrrrrrrrd and go four on da flo'. And "Touch me on the beach" needs to be so skank nasty that it makes the whole of Peaches discography sound like a Muppets mixtape.

Jasmine has a nice voice. And despite looking an absolute mess 97% (round that shit up to 100%) of the time, she has a style which stands out and makes Harajuku hoes look like OL's.

Jasmine's due a follow up album to Gold. And unless shit goes horribly wrong or her record label hate her, we should get one by the end of this year. It won't sell a damn thing and won't even hit cetified tatami mats. But I will look forward to it all the same. I still play "One" like it's brand new.


  1. Wow this is such a horrible article...bashing the artist as well as promoting..ehhh try again

    1. And why is that horrible again? I'm really happy you're posting about Jasmine again. I'm looking forward to her new album this year. She confirmed it's coming. How come you don't have a review for GOLD?


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