Wonder girls welcome you to their skanky Wonder party

This coloured mess is the promotional shot for the Wonder girls' latest mini album Wonder party. It's also the album art. The difference being that the album art has nasty 80's wired, neon font slapped over the front of it. It looks as horrid as it sounds, but still doesn't look as ragged-ass as the font on Namie's Uncontrolled album cover. But we won't go there again.

These girls all look like messes, so of course I love this shit. Yenny looks like a trick. Sohee looks like she just got f**ked. Yubin looks like she needs to pee. Sunye looks like Anna Wintour in the 60's and Lim looks like a 4pm crack whore. Whoever styled these girls needs to holla at me. I'll treat them to a round of drinks.

One wonders when J.Y Park will stop slinging the word 'Wonder' into every f**king album these girls do though. They're grown women. Not 12 year olds.

I gave Wonder party a listen this morning and it seems semi conceptual. Lots of uptempo's, club beats and a pretty consistent sound. Much more so than Wonder world. None of the songs on it really stick out to me though. And that typical Wonder girls sound that spearheaded many of their releases ("Nobody", "2 different tears" and "Be my baby") don't feature on this at all. On one hand I'm kinda glad, because as hot as those songs are, they sound so samey and do not sound grown and reflect the girls' ages. But I've become so accustomed to the girls doing those types of songs that I kinda miss it. There's no pleasing me. The music video to "Like this" rocks though.


  1. I HATE LIM'S HAIR!!! but my girl sunye is killin' it (like she always does)! i lovin' yenny's bob though, she always gets relegated to something basic and classy, so i like that she's pulling some edginess


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