Beyoncé gets her wig ripped off of her head by a fan

Beyoncé's effort in that plagiarized "Coutndown" video was as admirable as it could have been from a heavily pregnant thief. But a devoted fan decided to show B how much he loves her and inadvertently pulled that wig right off of her head in the process. The woman herself even had to let that wig go and admit this fan did her shit better than she did.

He only went and re-created the whole of B's "Countdown" video in his house with a camera that ain't even HD, Windows movie maker, his white Chem-lab partner Sally from down the street and a f**king Snuggie.

This was better than every single video Beyoncé had released from 4. Tweet this video. Like it on YouTube. Post it on Tumblr. Spread the word on this amazing talent. He put more effort into his little home made project that artists with actual budgets put into their flop music videos.


  1. "who run this motha?" he does.

    btw, he does kinda look like you j...

  2. ^^^^ wth.. Kind of creepy lol, and I thought j was black haha this video is hilarious btw haha. It was cute haha. Dead at That sally comment.

  3. But we all know Jokwon can do this better. :)
    (going to want "Animal" after this)

    Great video. Shows how easy her video truly was. LOL.

  4. Reminds me of Abed from community. If Beyonce ever walked up and pissed all over me, I'd drink it all up.

  5. Crap. I went THIS LONG without ever hearing this bish's song.

    And he didn't even NEED a wig to come for BeYAWNce. He let her keep her lace front and just did it, bald scalp and all.

  6. So her video was easy to do, so what? Can't she do that? I'm not even a Beyoncé fan. I don't need divas and international stars to come up with high budget videos all the time. Less is more sometimes, depends on the song.
    Also, I can't really see how the fan did a better job than Beyoncé, the vids are just identical more or less to me. Excuse my poor window media knowledge... :/

  7. LOL. This is a J-Pop blog and you're sitting here dissing Beyoncé. And on top of that, you using a video of one of her talented fans just goes to show how hard it is to actually find something wrong with such a giften woman. Smfh.

    1. 1) This isn't exclusively a J-Pop blog
      2) I posted this video because it's funny and it's an amazing effort which Beyoncé spotlit herself on her own damn site.
      3) I have praised Beyoncé on numerous occasions.
      4) It's not hard to find things wrong with Beyoncé. Such as the fact she plagiarised sections of her "Countdown" video for one.
      5) Siddown.


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