BoA gets more airtime on TV in Korea than the Olympics, with her comeback special 4354.

BoA 4354 SBS comeback special | Live performances

Korea couldn't give a damn about the London 2012 Olympics. The only event they care about is BoA's comeback. After releasing her mini album Only you on the down-low and shutting down those digital download sales, releasing her music video for "Only one" and shutting down YouTube views, all that was left was for BoA to perform live on TV. She did more than perform live though. She got a whole hour slot dedicated to her. Other chicks would / could never.

Lee Hyori and Son Dam Bi may want to rethink comebacks and just retire from the game now.

BoA mimed. She couldn't even be bothered to re-record the backing track with some breathing in there to try and fool folks. But she danced the entire routine from the music video and danced it good, which is more than I can say for bitches like post-Blackout Britney. Yes, I picked on a ho. So sue me.

BoA. Reflecting on lesser bitches | Random J pop

With BoA being the queen of South Korea, her comeback special was indeed special. Most other artists get a chance to perform one old song and two new ones. But SBS let BoA run through her whole discography, perform a couple of B-sides, show clips from her movie, throw in some iMovie clips of her in the studio, getting drunk at a SuJu gang bang and water sporting with Amber of f(x).

BoA did not give a damn about that old material. She mumbled and shuffled through each of those old songs. The way she did "My name" was a travesty. I remember when she first released it and how she used to shut live performances of it DOWN! She did however give 90% for her new material. She danced the shit out of "Only you", opened her legs for "The shadow" and was touching on n***a's for "Not over U". I say only 90%, because at no point did BoA even bother to sing any of the new material live.

All of this having happened and we've still got the music video for "The shadow" to look forward to! A video which looks like it was shot on the same set of Girls' generation's "The boys" no less. I guess SM's finances are still left dented after BoA's American flop.

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  1. Normally I would rip a hoe to shreds for miming, but everything else was on point, so I'll let the miming slide... this time lol. I'm glad BoA is back and in full form. I'm not a major fan of hers (Mostly because half of her discography is a bit rubbish, and although she is a good technical singer her tone has always bothered me), but I always enjoy seeing her preform. She's really the only pop artist out right now that can slay choreography with ease. Your favs could never. BOA has single-handedly made all other K-pop hoes look redundant. The Queen of Kpop is back, all other hoes best hold on their wigs. Also is anyone else hoping that Minzy will do a dance cover to this song? I would love to see how she handles this choreography.

  2. BoA is currently flawless with the Korean comeback. The music videos look cheap as hell though, no budget and money?! Even the lighting looks cheap.

    BoA is one of the best live performers out there, whether miming or not. But as usual her weak point is the songs themselves. Only One album is average at best.

    1. SERIOUSLY?! Personally I don't follow that much K-Pop so I don't know when a set has been used a trillion times but the "Only One" (dance version) slayed me, BoA looked hot as fuck and killed the choreography and "The Shadow" video looks good to me too.
      If you want a cheap BoA video go look at "Woo Weekend" or "Milestone" those are some chump change messes.

  3. ^ So you say she's flawless with the comeback album, yet you say it's average?

    I agree with the average part. It has a handful of good tracks, but the rest are throw away. That said, she definitely deserves all the attention she's getting. SM has had her since, what, 2000 or so...'bout time.

  4. I saw a few performances from this and it was great, She definitely put more effort into the dance for the new stuff but the whole thing had a great vibe.
    "The Shadow" performance slayed me, I LOVE that song so happy it's the next single, the video looks good too IMO especially the bit when she has the military hat on, BoA got SEXY! omg... Avex need to take note and do this bitch right with her comeback, having seen the whole "Hurricane Venus" era when BoA was looking grown up (even though she was a twig) they had the stupidity to release "Flop Weekend" and have her looking like a 12yo girl...
    Japan needs sexy grown BoA too!

  5. I enjoyed this a lot. It was refreshing. The only one dance is so effing tight. You know a n***a taught her those sexy moves. She killed it.

  6. My brain froze when I saw that she was wearing an Oakland Raiders shirt... a football team who is known for their fans being ex-cons o.O


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