Hikaru Utada writes song about corriander. Now people think she's coming back.

Is Hikaru Utada working on new material? | News

Hikaru Utada has been on a Twitter rampage as of late. In the past week, she's taught Skrillex how to say Fuck, I'm jet lagged in Japanese, said that Japanese people are funny and has written a song about coriander. I want this woman to record this song. I have utter faith it would be the best thing ever. Do not mess with this ho. Remember, this is the same woman who wrote a song about a stuffed bear and shot a one take music video in which she did nothing but wash a plate and caught hits. She could write a whole album about the contents of her kitchen cupboards and it would go number 1 in its first week and catch a sale from me.

Now comes the caveat...

News is now abound that Hikaru might be working on new a music release due to her recent Twitter activity. Hikaru tweeted at Skrillex, shared that she's not given up on her KORG keyboard and has recently Instagram'd a picture of her stuffed bear in the studio which now has everybody adamant she IS working on some new-new. Now, whilst this is an exciting prospect, I think everybody needs to put on the kettle and keep calm.

Let's all keep it real for a hot minute whilst I make us here a pot of ear. grey. Hikaru never said she would give up music completely. She said she would stop doing it professionally and would not release anything for a while. Chances are she may have continued to record and write songs during her hiatus. Her tweeting at Skrillex wouldn't necessarily mean she's working on a new album with him neither. Perhaps she's just a fan. And to be perfectly honest, Hikaru recording something with Skrillex hardly excites me. I'm not a fan of his music and the thought of Hiakru singing over his production makes me feel ill. I want Ultra blue 2012. Not Exodus with ear deafining screeching and +7 wub wub.

News was made of Hikaru Utada simply sneezing. So it seems everybody (me included) is trying to make stories out of everything because we actually have an insight into what Hikaru is / has been up to recently.

If new music comes, great. If not, then it's just good to know that Hikaru is enjoying her life. It wouldn't be so strange for all of her current activity to be a precursor to new music. But it could also just be Hikaru doing what any regular person with a twitter and an Instagram account does.

If Hikaru Utada was to come back this year, Ayu would kill herself. To have Kumi, Namie and Hikaru all outsell her in the same year!? Bye.


  1. She's Coming Back Ya'll.

  2. I'm gonna LOL so hard if she ends up not coming back anytime soon. I'm not getting my hopes up, and I really don't want to hear her sing over a skrillex beat. If so, she might just end up making me like Dubstep, and the thought of that is gross.


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