Music video: 2NE1 - I love you

Minzy and Dara were the only 2 members of 2NE1 looking human in this video. CL was looking like Jocelyn Wildenstein and Bom's face continues to look as though her muscles are struggling to get a bitches mouth moving. I don't know what Bom is doing to her face or if it's a medical condition. But she needs to get that shit sorted out.

This video looked like a cheap Versace perfume commercial. I don't feel too strongly about it one way or the other. The song is hot and that's enough for me at the moment. I'm sure 2NE1 will shut it down with their live performances and give us what we may have felt was lacking in this music video. They often do.

It's all about Minzy's waist. Ever since January 18th, 2012 it's most definitely been about Minzy's waist. She'd better whine like Korea's independence depends on it when she hits Inkigayo and Music core.


  1. 2:05 to 2:31 is further evidence as to why Bom and Dara are so irrelevant and Minzy and CL are everything. CL was killing it when she poked out her booty lmao, and where did MInzy learn to move her hips like that? Did YG ship her ass to Jamaica during her trainee days.

    1. Btw J you know you aint right for saying Cl looked like Jocelyn Wildenstein. #DEAD

  2. im lookin forward to see minzy's and cl's stripper moves during live performances of the song.

  3. Between Bom's frozen un-human doll face and CL's eye, as well as those fucking outfits, I still struggle to take them seriously. although this is sort of a the sense.

  4. LMAO J!!!! Don't come for CL like that, she looks great in everything but that first desperate Las Vegas middle aged hooker trawling the casino for johns outfit.
    I was just watching this and thiking WHEN did Dara get hot?! LOL it was all about her moving her waist in that window and CL dropping it to the floor.
    As for Minzy and Bom... I liked Minzy's rainbow hair.

  5. So underer 20 dates with the curgeon there's a cute girl in each one of these tramps?

    Those bitches look like hot messes, like in "Im the best" that shit was so over the top, also the vocals were nasty. I don't like I Love You tho

  6. Wow. What did they do in order to be called bitches?? ^^ If you're going to insult 2ne1 (my fav. kpop group) then learn how to type and spell properly. Thank you! :)

    ~from a fan who is protecting her girls~

  7. Oh lord here are the K-pop fanatics, just chill we call all pop divas them bitches. Namie Amuro is the HEAD BITCH IN CHARGE though.

    ~ From a gay man who could care less ;) ~

  8. ^ Yes, chill out, 2ne1 ain't the big thing, so don't get upset for a word. Also @Angel Namie's the HEAD BITCH IN COMMAND, all them other hoes are that, Shady background hoes. I LOLED when i saw that image


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