Music video: Angela Aki - Kokuhaku

I don't get how Angela is able to have a figure like that 6 months after giving birth when all she's done is sit her arse down at a keyboard and a MacBook since January; because I know Angela weren't hitting no gym. Kumi Koda is going to have to come correct and slow grind in a winery in a bikini with her first post child video now. No pressure.

Angela pretty much carried this whole video with her new weave, flowing dress and sexing the camera with her wind machine. The whole thing looked cheap. But she's signed to Sony. And we know that money and time are things which that label do not spend on its artists.

The song being on that Answer swag has instilled hope in me that Blue will not be anything like White. I love Angela. But that album was not good. I bet even she'd admit that White was a mess. If Angela can give me what she gave for Answer and Songbook in one album, she can have my money. She can have all of it.


  1. I think Angela Aki actually got hotter. I really hope that happens to me post-baby. The secret is those converse shoes! I knew it!

  2. Random J ... u R retarded,

    this is certainly one of her best works

    1. At which point in my post did I say it wasn't?


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