Music video: EXILE - Ano sora no hoshi no you ni...

After Avex blew the trust fund of Max Matsuura's children for EXILE's "All night long" video, their follow up was always going to look a broke ass mess and be shot on a budget which wouldn't even get you 2 hours in a love hotel with a TV and a VHS player.

The decision for this video to be shot in black and white however, was not down to a budgetary issue, but a health warning - as a result of EXILE's exessive tanning casuing their skin to turn a shade of orange which goes against digital broadcasting regulations.

"Ano sora no hoshi no you ni..." features on the single "Bows and arrows", which features a single art in full colour, with all 13 members of the group in suits and their faces looking like tan coloured Samantha Thavasa handbags.