Music video: Kumi Koda - Whatchu waitin' on?

I am so f**king disappointed in this woman. Beyoncé was shaking her ass in a bathing suit, thrashing her weave on the floor and A-town with n***a's with trumpets when she was heavily pregnant for her plaigarized "Countdown" video. And all Kumi Kehovah gives us is a shot from the neck up, green screen video. I am dissapoint. I thought Kumi was going to rock scandalous tops to highlight the booming pregnanacy titties and show us that she can still get low over a wine bottle despite being 9 months gone.

Still... this video didn't feel like a complete and utter cop out. It felt like the kind of video Kumi would have shot had she not been pregnant anyway. "Inside fishbowl" and that flop piece of shit rock song featuring Teeda on Ploponesque both had these overly colourful, graphical effect ridden types of videos.

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  1. It's ok... I just miss the days when Avex actually had money to spend on music videos and do them well.. This looks like it was made with the spare change from Ayu's "You & Me" video. Also the song sounds like a 2NE1 rip off...
    Kumi better come hard when this baby falls out of her.

  2. -Raises eyebrow- I think this video is an analogy for Kuu's pussy. Cheap and overrun with colours that shouldn't be there, does anyone actually respect her in the industry? Like really? Please tell me because how this bitch has had a career of hits this far is beyond me. She's just so un-likeable.

    And it hit me recently that her entire Japonesque album sounds like it's trying to be Britney's 'In The Zone', except she's a good 7 years and a scalping late for that. She's the most behind bitch musically. At least Ayu only sounds MAYBE a year or so late. Kuu sweetness, STOP IT!

    1. "Cheap and overrun with colours that shouldn't be there"


      I don't get all the hate for her personality though, I think she's nice enough. Of course all middle aged women in Japan hate her after "THE KUMI VAGINA JUICE INCIDENT" but she isn't un-likeable.

      I respect the woman for being a total slut. I mean, Japan is an UPTIGHT place, being a slut was a risky move. In my opinion she's helped the sexual liberation movement along one boob at a time. Bitch even started the ero-kakkoii movement for gods sake.

      She's just one big sexual freedom slut, which I can respect.

      Oh, but this song/video is a mess.

    2. LOL really?! "Japonesque" may have been a rehash of her previous stuff but it is hardly behind the times, it's full of tracks that are radio friendly in today's market it's just not cohesive which none of her album have been since "Kingdom".
      As for her personality she always comes across as a nice and fun person so I don't get the hate for her unless you are a middle ages up tight Japanese women with pickled ovaries (her words not mine) and a pussy so flat it won't pop no more.
      Also the reason she's still big is that she's the best at what she does, I can't think of anyone who makes the same type of stuff as her generally... she's pretty unique and as a live artist she slays. Also you're probably just trolling because "Japonesque" barely resembles "In the zone" in any way.

    3. You're kidding right? Have you even listened to the full album?

      That shit is so 00s and Britney, she should have called it ...赤ちゃん one more time.

      Ray down ray down an' ir ray down da raw.

    4. Calling her a bitch was unnecessary.
      I have a lot of respect for this woman. She's a hard worker and to me, she is one of the least fake artists in J-pop. She's always been herself, and I respect her for it.

      ...and I enjoyed Japonesque, so....

  3. It's easier to do a bunch of choreography with a fake baby bump, though.

  4. It sounds like a poor mans In The Zone!
    That 'pay by the second' T-Pain rap in 'V.I.P' REEKED of (I got that) Boom Boom, and 'Boom Boom Boys' was like 'Showdown' with guitars, the arabian sounding strings on 'So Nice' is a trend she's been trying to pull off for years so I can't even compare that to Toxic (Even though Toxic on its own slices Kuu's entire discography to shreds) 'Love Me Back' sounded like it was trying to be a more serious ver. of 'Brave New Girl'

    Ther IS no comparison for 'Poppin' Love Cocktail' as I don't think any pop star with a shred of self respect would put that song out with their name on it, it's shameful.

    The only good songs on Japonesque were KO-SO-KO-SO, In The Air and MAYBE Ai Wo Tomenaide, but that's me throwing her a bone. OOH and the 2 interludes.

    Besides the comparisons, she's always sounded behind by at least 2 years. That's been her only consistency throughout her career. Forever chasing sounds that went out of style with the last Black Eyed Peas album at the time. Scrappy ass music with no feeling.

    At least with Ayu you can see that she loves her job even if her sound is off right now, it's what she wants to do.

  5. ACTUALLY! Just looked over In The Zone again and realised So Nice sounds ALOT like Outrageous, and I was just wondering did ANYONE here actually know who Omarion was before she featured him?

    1. I knew him before she featured him, but whatever mainstream populaity he had died out years ago. I honestly think kuu has more fame and money than him right now.Also there were three good songs. Lol I like lay down and that song she wrote with fan letters is a nice gesture.


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