Music video: Nelly Furtado - The spirit indestructible

I knew this video would end up being a piece of shit. Don't ask why or how. I just did. I think the whole video budget got blown on that one 2 second special effect of Nelly transporting to the mountains, because there wasn't much in the way of shots after that.

Nelly should have been slow grinding and going down on her knees in that snow, and whipping her hair back and fo'th in front of that fire as the male dancers grab her titties and touch dat body. The song is inspirational and all that and I get that. But with a beat that goes this hard and such a primal energy to it which commands that you move your feet, to feature a video which features such a lack of movement renders it void. Even if Nelly was just winging it and dancing like a maniac amongst the drummers as Friendly fires did in their "Kiss of life" video, it would have been something - as this was what I envisioned the video would be like. I didn't need clean choreographed moves. I just needed to see movement. Something primal and instinctive to match the song and I got none of that here. And to think this chick was jumping up and down in heels when she performed this shit a month ago!

I'm falling out of love with this version of the song. I am not a fan of how Nelly Furtado sounds on it. Her live version of it in Paris was so much better than this. The lack of texture and how thin her voice sounds on this breaks the damn song. And the heavyweight hitting of the beats just highlight it even more.


  1. When she started singing at the beginning of the song it sounded like she was unprepared..and yea she does sound really thin and whiny on the song. Love the beat though

  2. @Alex

    Yes! The beginning is so awkward. It's as if she was caught off guard


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