Music video: The Noisettes - Winner

This song and video is like ABBA, Robert Palmer, Prince and Grace Jones all f**ked in some corner of the early 80's. I love it. The chocolate queen that is Shingai Shoniwa continues to look like a model without trying and sing hoes in Britain under double decker buses. Alexandra Burke could never.

The Noisette's have not only surprised fans with this video, but have also announced that everybody can download the song for free here. Go download this piece of f**king amazingness and put your friends on it too.

"Winner" was due to be the Noisette's official lead single from their August release Contact. Why is wasn't, you'd have to ask Shingai's plaited wig. This song is so much better than that throwback piece of nonsense "That girl". And for this to come on the eve of the 2012 Olympics!? Noisettes is about to get PAID! Just watch how this ends up being the backdrop music to advertised games and shit.


  1. There is no way they're giving out this song for free without knowing they're going to get big bucks with some Olympics endorsement deal.

    Can't wait to see those god awful blob mascots dancing to it.

  2. Well just slap J! I've never heard of them, but I love them already. :)


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