Namie Amuro's promotional activity for Uncontrolled

Please take a moment to witness the only piece of promotion Namie did for her Ploponesque and Farty queen opening day bukkake special, Uncontrolled.

This is all the promotion Namie did for her album to push 100,000+ copies in her first day and she ain't even driving the damn truck! You ain't never seeing Namie Amuro perform live or give interviews on TV again. Your fave could never and can not.


  1. Lol she did tons of promotions via her YouTube acc and fb page -_- still love her though.

    1. but that is nothing if you promote on TV, were Tons of people are watching you

  2. Why? Why is she not doing any promo?

  3. You shouldn't forget that she's been on tons of magazine covers as well.


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