Namie does "Damage" to rock with her new song (which does not feature on Uncontrolled)

Please don't ask me what this means given that Namie Amuro only released an album a month ago. But she has a new song on the way which features in Satoshi Tsumabuki's new film Fly with the gold. This guy has become so big in the world of Japanese film that nobody even mentions that it also stars Kenta Kiritani, Junpei Mizobata and Max of TVXQ. He just shitted on man-hoes with that film headlining. Everybody can stay mad.

Those who had minor heart palpitations at the thought of Namie dropping a new song which didn't feature on Uncontrolled can relax. This new song sounds like shit. And it wouldn't have sounded completely and utterly out of place on Uncontrolled anyway.

Namie thinks she's invincible to genres now. Because she's tackled Engrish, Euro house, Dance, Pop, R&B and Enka; Rock ain't no thang on chicken wang on a strang because she did it with "Violet sauce" and "Wonder woman". Bitch, YOU WRONG!! Charlie Murphy style WRONG! The only rock Namie should be allowed near is mineral or Dwayne Johnson. Her voice is too weak for the musical kind. I hope to Gawd this song gets left off of any upcoming album of hers, because it just sounds like mess. And her Engrish is so bad that I wonder how long ago she recorded it. Because recent Uncontrolled Namie doesn't have it in her to drop Engrish THIS bad.

The rock does not approve of Namie's attempt at rock | Random J Pop

New song 'Damage' preview @ Namie news network


  1. You speak as though "Please Smile Again", "Concentration 20 (make you alright)" and "How to Be a Girl" have never existed. Namie has done rock way before "Wonder Woman" and even "Damage". The rock elements in those songs are definitely more than "thang on chicken wang on a strang".

    1. Namie has never done a full on rock song (at least not to my knowledge). She's recently done Shut up and It's all about you, but those just have rock elements. And I hardly consider How to Be a Girl a rock song.

    2. "How to Be a Girl" was her first attempt at rock music. Whether you acknowledge it or not, it was promoted as her first rock song at the time. It's funny how you use "Shut Up" as an example and dismissed her older works, which obviously have more rock elements in them.

  2. Let's wait for the full song to come out first. This preview is not too good and I actually heard another preview that sound better.

  3. I actually like this song a lot! Sure her engrish is overflowing throughout the song... but I think I got used to it after replaying the movie preview just to see Changmin's face like 100 times.


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