Namie hits da crub in Taiwan

People are fronting like Namie going to Taiwan was promotion, but we all know Namie does NOT do promotion. She went to Taiwan for a two day getaway to celebrate shitting on Kumi and Ayu's opening day sales for Ploponesque and Farty queen.

Namie decided to check out the nightlife and dance in di spotlight of the crubs in Taiwan. F**k VIP in some dimly lit corner of the crub. Watch Namie as she goes orr in toni' and dance in di spotlight on stage to what I can only describe as Soca on crack.

That's more movement and energy in 24 seconds than I saw in the music videos for "Let's go", "In the spotlight (Tokyo)" and "Hot girls" combined. Namie was snapped leaving the crub at the wee hours of the morning too. Here's a glamourous pic of her exit.

Namie don't care what you think about her public image and her responsibilities as a mother. She sold 104,562 units of Uncontrolled in her first day. Stay mad.

I know who the real party queen is and her surname sho' as hell don't end in Hamasaki.


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