Namie looks dead for ESPRIQUE. Makes the world go round.

ESPRIQUE had been blowing up Vision factory's switchboard for her to do something for them, seeing as she was contracted to do so. But after outselling Kumi and Ayu-a-flop? with Uncontrolled, Namie decided she needn't bother. ESPRIQUE were not having ANY of this. So they decided to stake out Namie's local Wendy's and wait for her to walk through and pick up a Sprite. With their footage acquired, they ran that shit through Final cut, put "Hot girls" on top. And BAM! New commercial. ESPRIQUE's lipstick flies off the shelves. Namie gets paid. Uncontrolled sells a few extra thousand copies, and four of Namie's play buttons continue to push other bitches down the ORICON charts.

The concept of this commercial is to show that with this lipstick, you can work multiple looks. But the thing is...Namie only has ONE look. One dead ass look which has the power to cure cancer, end world hunger, put your faves' career on a swift decline and have Japan host the Olympics in 2020 despite Brazil already being chosen to host it. There is no other woman in J-Pop who could have a parent die at the height of their career, get knocked up out of wedlock at 21, have a shotgun marriage, get divorced, sport tattoos, go through a semi skank ghetto phase and continue to maintain a career where she's outselling Ayumi Hamasaki and doing MINIMAL promotion.

Ayu. Could. NEVER!

KOSÉ ESPRIQUE 2012 Autumn & Winter @ Namie news network


  1. these are the times namie needs Vidal Sassoon (this song would fit V.S so badly) cause they woulda hook a girl up with golden weave and money falling from the skies like rain.
    namie look stoned cold beautiful thou, prefer the go round kose ad atleast she smiled and show little feeling :/

  2. I don't care if she looks like she's going through rigor mortis, girl is HOT.

  3. man.. what i would do to have her piss and shit on my body..

    1. Dude! Seriously STOP! I love her...but that goes to far. LMAO

    2. Ask ayumi what she did, because Namie Amuro is mos' def' "pissing" and "sh!tting" all over that bish right now.

      You thought that was a tan? It's dried urine and sh!t.

    3. As nasty as it sounds it killed me XD


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