Perfume go 3D. F**k every life in the world and then resurrect it with "Hurly burly".

Perfume perform "Spring of life" & "Hurly burly" | Live performance

Despite being cute, colourful and so polite that it sometimes makes you want to gag. Perfume will come for your scalp on a tour. Their 「1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11」 tour showed that what nobody was f**king with Perfume when it came to confetti. They had that shit blasting, shooting and flying via remote controls. Their 「JPN」 tour was a showcase of lasers which put Coldplay, Jay-Z and Kanye's shit to shame. And now their Summer nights performances throw Miku Hatsune's holographic stage shows under a Shinkansen. 6 members of Perfume on stage ya'll!!!

That "Spring of life" performance just brought back Jebus from the dead. You can find him sticking up posters of the 「JPN」 tour DVD in Shibuya.

We knew "Hurly burly" was crack when it debuted in the canned piss commercial. But it's always nice to have extra affirmation that the song is the most amazing thing ever and that no pop jam which releases in Japan this year is going to top it. Unless of course it's a re-release of "Glitter" with a new video. There is no competition for these robohoes.

I'd love to know how the anchor woman segued from Perfume performing their latest songs live with holograms of themselves, into James Holmes' and the Batman massacre. I really would.

Perfume a part of Japanese morning news | Perfume

Shout outs to the anchor woman for having to do that segway and my condolences to those who lost their lives at the hand of this f**king psychopath.


  1. That's fucking amazing. Get's me excited for the future too, just wish i can live longer to experience it.


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