BoA debuts a new vocal backing track on a live performance of "Only one"

BoA performs "Only you" | Live performance

BoA watched those playbacks of her first slew of "Only one" performances and figured it made sense to at least mime on a newly prepared pre-recorded backing track; to at least have people wonder if she's singing live, rather than just slapping her album in a CD player and hitting play and leaving no doubt.

Now, you BoA stans can camp across the road from my crib with a slurpy and a meatball marinara all night with sniper rifle until you catch a n***a putting that trash out on a Saturday morning, but there is no way this was 100% live. BoA was being carried, grabbed and thrown like the home goods of MC Hammer by the repo man and there was not a single waver in her vocals. BoA has been in the game for over 10 years and Lee Soo Man had her train her ass in North Korea from the age of 6. But there is still no way BoA could do an entire routine like that and sing without so much as a waver in vocals. I still loved the performance. I've witnessed BoA perform live enough times to know she actually can dance and sing live...sometimes. And I will take her miming ass any day of the week if she's going to deliver a routine that good to compensate.

My body is ready for a Japanese release now BoA. 


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