Music video: Ayumi Hamasaki - You & me (Full version)

My favourite part was when Ayu got pushed out of the truck.


  1. Was she crying over a pregnancy test in the bathroom or something?

    She gets pushed out of a truck but just hitches a ride on the back?

    I don't get anything anymore.

  2. if this was supposed to be the japanese answer to 'we found love' it's failed pretty hard

  3. The ending was unnecessary. She should have just kept the video bright and happy.

    She did the same sort of thing with with the Brillante video. Woman just has to get hurt in videos.

  4. Bitch went to da froo! Hahahaha i was laughing so hard because she totally goes straight to the street and gets in the back again.

    I was expecting "we found lo' in a forehead" after the super huge build up, and the end... i was waiting for ah "oh-oh! oh-oh-oh!" hahahaha. JK, video sucks.

    (Why is she wearing a usa shirt? just because she was in usa?)


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