Music video: Brandy walks around in paint jizz for "Put it down"

Somebody needs to slap Hype Williams with a lawsuit or something. Because I don't get how this n***a is allowed to put out these music video without some form of epileptic warning. I almost fell off my damn chair during the intro and went temporarily blind in my right eye.

Hype Williams used to be the trend setter. The one that every other music video director was trying to imitate. His videos used to be visual masterpieces. Now they look like cheap pieces of shit, shot by somebody who has no clue and decides to let a monkey loose on Microsoft paint with a buy one get one free voucher code for

This video was a f**king mess, as all Hype's videos have been over the past year. Brandy's wig game was on point. (B-Rocka needs to stay with dem braids). But the dancing was a joke. If Brandy paid somebody to choreograph this mess for her, then she needs to catch herself a refund. How are you going to have a club banger feature a routine during the chorus which just involves walking from side to side!? Bitch, no. Beyoncé was kicking her legs on the floor and doing the dougie in her "Countdown" video and she was about to drop a child the following week. Get the fack out.

And as a grown woman, Brandy should not be condoning meeting with a group of thugs in hot paints and a blouse cut low with the titties out by the back of some warehouse. That's a health and safety no no. Girls. Do NOT do this. EVER!


  1. Shall we dare mention how disturbing Chris Brown's nipples are in this video?! It looked like someone had been sucking on them thangs.

  2. Here is another recent crappy Hype Williams video

  3. "I don't get how this n***a is allowed to put out these music video without some form of epileptic warning"

    It's probably because it passed in America - their technical specs for flashing imagery is slightly different to ours because they run at a different frame rate. It happens all the time at my work; it may have passed at their NTSC 24 frames per second, but run it under our PAL 25 frames per seconds (effectively speeding it up) it'll probably fail.

    Just thought I'd say my random and probably useless knowledge :-)

  4. I.HATE.IT When females that black wear CHERRY RED lipstick.

    That's just as bad as wearing bumble bee yellow.

    Them braids though ya'll. I named every single one of them braids in that video and I call them family.

    It's a shame she doesn't have the face to match her braids anymore though. She doesn't look the same.

    She "found" herself. Well she needs to lose herself because I liked who she was before. Not this.

    And Chris Brown. The little boy who had his arms wrapped around Brandy's grown woman arse why so boy BOOM BOOM POW.

    Imagine a world where Brandy needs Chris Brown's hel-Stop. You don't have to.

    And his nipples do look like raw pig nipples.

    Did you feel safe in his arms Brandy? Your face is already half way there on its own to where he got Rihanna's face. Keep on.


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