Music video: Justin Bieber featuring Big Sean - As long as you love me

Word on the Internet is that you shouldn't be allowed to listen to Justin Bieber if you're not a white female who is over the age of 12. But I f**king did it anyway. I listened to his second (third?) full length studio album Believe. "As long as you love me" was a song I shook my head at as soon as I heard the dubstep stylings drop. But I gave it a chance and's on my iPod. Shoot me now.

This is the part where I should really go on about how Michael Madsen only accepted this gig because he got to beat up Justin on camera and not because her keeps waiting on those Tarantino roles that Quentin keeps promising him for films he don't finishing writing the scripts to. Or that Justin was thinking about feeling on Zac Efron the whole time he was scribbling on that young trick with a Sharpie. But I won't. I liked the video. The dance routine in the car park looked hot...I think. It was hard to tell with the camera being thrown around like Britney's baby during the whole thing. This video reminded me of Backstreet boys "The call". It's sad and telling I can place that comparison. But the Backstreet boys in the day were not to be messed with. Respect good pop my n***as. RESPECT IT!


  1. I don't know who directed this video, but this boy does not look old enough to mount anybody. I don't care how old he is, it doesn't look right because he doesn't look the part. I'm still in my teens and I felt like I got put on some government list for watching this.

    There is no song that can pull of dubstep drops, so there's that. And it's pretty boring generic boy pop, so there's that too.

    But in the end, the boy is just doing his thing, making his money before his fifteen minutes are up; people should stop hating.

    1. @ "There is no song that can pull off dubstep drops, so there's that".

      What does this even mean!?

      @ "But in the end, the boy is just doing his thing, making his money before his fifteen minutes are up; people should stop hating"

      Then stop.

    2. That no song should contain dubstep drops.

      And I wasn't hating, I was pointing out the obvious.

  2. I don't know why people hate him so much, i'm not a fan but i gotta admit than his new songs are good, i think they try to much to make him sexy, and well his not. But the video and song are good, honestly i didn't know it was him, until you did a rewiew :-( so thanks.

  3. I heard this song before the music vid came out and thought it was generic. His music isn't very good and the reason it sells is because of his huge fanbase. The problem I have with this song is that it's the typical generic pop song that no one should care about. Dubstep is the "hip cool thing" so they overload the song with ill-fitting wobbles, then for good measure throw in a rapper for the... bridge? Then they throw him in an uneeded sex scene accompanied by his bad acting and call it a day.

    Btw I loathe Big Sean's part. His timing was strange and his lyrics were crap. He brought nothing to the song and in fact I think he made me like it less.


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