Music video: Mariah Carey gets relegated to a ring card girl in "Trimphant (Get 'em)"

Not only did Mariah allow herself to be relegated to a guest feature on her own song, but she's also followed that up by being relegated to a ring card girl in the music video. Can you believe this bitch is in her 40's, yet she's in her music videos doing shit that'd make a 19 year old screw their face and turn up their nose? Madonna did the same damn thing for "Give me all your love" and continues to try and prove to the world she can show as much titty and leg as hoes in their 20's. But at least her last 2 music videos were entertaining to watch and had budgets behind them. And lawd bless that sack of bones, at least she tries to come different, even if her last effort (last 3 efforts) were all try hard flops. Mariah Isn't even try.

Miming Mimi needs a reality check. This video and song is leaving me with NO hope for this upcoming album. Mariah just doesn't seem to get that nobody wants to see her squeezing her arse into dresses which are two sizes too small, with titty over spill and the little toe of her left foot cradling over the edge of her open stiletto. Why can't this woman just age gracefully? And when is she going to give us some form of evolution in her music!?

"Triumflop" needs to be wrapped in Moroccon's nappy and thrown out for trash. Drop a brand new single in a few months time, make sure it's air tight and make out like "Triumpflop" was just inspiration because of the Olympics or some shit. Mariah shouldn't even bother putting this song on the next album as an iTunes bonus track or even the Japanese release. Just flat out let this shit die.


  1. I feel MC was trying to heard to recapture the street-cred she enjoyed with 'Breakdown' and 'The Roof' with this song.

  2. This chick stay losing since "Glitter"


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