Music video: Perfume - Spending all my time

Perfume's music video budget got blown on the holograms for their SUMMER NIGHT gig. Which is why we got left with a video which was shot in school-keeper Willy's utility room; where all 3 girls are wearing the exact same dresses, only one pair of shoes could be afforded (they doubled the side shot of the walking) and footage was constantly being re-used and reversed throughout.

Universal need to hit Kirin up to fund the music video for "Hurly burly", because I can't see the peeps going for this. Especially after we got robo-hoes dancing in light up suits and heels for "Spring of life".

Nocchi has the power slice an apple with her mind though, which is always handy. Kashiyuka is a spoon racist. And A~chan can out vogue your fave. Even your bony ass bow legged 50+ year old fave.


  1. DAMN. This video WAS CHAEAPPP!! lol I new these bitches had super powers! Lmfao That explains why I became a fan of theirs, They enchanted me lol. I guess they couldn't even afford to hire a choreographer for the video, so they just had the robo hoes improvise lol. Either way their synchronicity still manages to amaze me, those hoes are telepathically linked through their minds, that's the only explanation haha.

    1. ugh fuck my laptop! *Knew

  2. lol after spring of life ...this is a total shit


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