Music video: White girl Himeka shames J-Pop ballad chicks with "Where I belong"

This white girl probably has a greater chance of success and sales in Japan than Crystal Kay. Just as long as she don't tan. Ayu's A Summer best sales have shown than if your skin tone falls darker than any shade which a noodle don't come in, you're shit ain't selling. Crystal had to have her skin be lightened to hell just to have Color change! and The best of Crystal Kay sell some copies.

I think it's great that Himeka has managed to kick startcareer in Japan, even if she is currently seen as a gimmick. She's been given more of a shot in Japan than most Japanese artists ever get outside of their home country. And the girl has a nice voice and decent Japanese to boot, which always helps and is more than what can be said for tricks such as Leah Dizon.

Himeka's video for "Where I belong" is about as interesting as sellotaping a sign to a door. But I love the song. I'm a sucker for these types of songs. They're in semi abundance, but seem to constantly be relegated to anime themes and not artists' albums. I would have LOVED for Angela Aki to have gotten this. She would have shitted on Himeka and made her face too dark to sell a record in Japan.


  1. That last line killed me and made me spit out my coffee. I can't take this hoe seriously. it looks like they pulled her straight from a white american suburb. She looks like a generic white girl lmao. Chen elle better watch out, this bitch is coming for her wig.g

  2. Wouldn't take much to rip Che'nelles wig off her "Chinese" head. Girl can't say anything but 'SUGOI.'

    I can't help but cringe whenever I see a white girl singing in Japanese though, because a loud voice in my head screams "I BET SHE LEARNED JAPANESE FROM NARUTO."

    1. "Her stage name, Himeka, is the name of a character from a story she created when she was 16 years old. Himeka's interest in Japanese culture started at the age of 15 when she saw an episode of the anime series Sailor Moon." - wiki

      See, I just can't with white people. So embarrassing.

    2. Embarrassing for us white people?

      You know... if you listen to Jpop you'll see Japanese and also Koreans use random english, and it's not like "i like american culture because of jersey shore", they just believe (just read this dumb shit) "english is almost like a second language in the country" and also because if you wanna make it big you need english in your music... It's better to get interest for a culture/country by some art they are famous four than just following trents and thinking about America as the best place in the world, that's the stupid idea many asians have and 1 out of 15 japanese/korean people speaks or understands fluent english, now that's embarrassing

    3. None of that was readable.

  3. It's a shame her looks will be her downfall. I liked the song and will be looking IN.TO.IT.

  4. I like the shot right after her last line and right before the closing shot with her just standing there looking at the camera and then further panned out with her full body shot.

    It sounds and she looks like she just won a video game.

    Also, this talk about being disgusted with how people get/got interested in Japanese Culture. It's stupid and elitist. It doesn't matter how we came upon Japanese culture. It doesn't make our appreciation for it any lesser.

    How does anybody begin to like ANYTHING that they like? Let's get real and grow out of this tighty whity mentality on life.

    As if Japan culture is SOOOOO sacred and holy, the only way one is ALLOWED to truly come upon it, seen as legit in their admiration and be deemed worthy of its worship is to have been there when it was founded.

    I want you besmirched from the face of this earth. We will never be good enough for you.


    1. The weaboos be getting mad!

      Go away already, you're so gross.

    2. I'm not going away though. Imagine having to deal with it.

    3. I mean no offense by this but is adding a period after each syllable a thing that people are doing these days?

    4. InneRise is right though. I got into Japanese culture through Anime and I'm not ashamed or embarrassed about it. I used that to branch out into other facets of Japanese culture, music being a big one for me. I would also like to learn Japanese because one of my many goals is to Visit Japan someday, maybe even study abroad there if I'm lucky enough.
      Oh a side note, I wonder if weaboos realize that Japanese ppl hate them? People who walk around dressed up like anime characters in Japan are ridiculed just as much as they are here. They wear the Otaku label with pride, without realizing that it's insulting.

    5. I bet that if you asked anyone how they got into Japanese culture, the majority of the answers would Anime...maybe JRPG's.
      I think it's silly and maybe a little elitist for someone to act like they're legit fans of Japanese culture because of how they got into it, and that everyone else is some lesser creature (weaboo). Not directed at anyone, just in general.

      As far as "Otaku" goes I think it's fine for someone to embrace it. It's that same with "nerd" or "geek". I wear that badge proudly.

  5. Im sorry but i cant help but laugh when im looking at a Caucasian woman singing in Japanese! XD it just looks so funny lmao! but i gotta give her props i loved the beginning and the colors in the video but seriously if they were gonna throw her the Japanese music industry they should have at least made her look like them! X3

  6. I'll say how I stumbled into it all. I was trying to order a Soundtrack and I accidentally ordered the Japanese Version of the soundtrack because the English version hadn't been created yet. I don't know if it ever was. I would think so though.

    Either way, I was pissed. It was the first time I had heard a Japanese song. And I hated it.

    I had no idea Japanese sounded like that though. Japanese music/culture never crossed my mind. And if it did, I always had this old timey vision of Asian music. Bunches of strings being plucked, people sitting crossed legged and karate choppin'. I had no idea it sounded like actual music and that they lived in the same time period I did. I was naive.

    But the Japanese Version of the English song I wanted was the closest thing I had so one day in the backseat of a long car ride, I just got my humungous CD Player and played it the whole drive up and the whole drive back and by the end of that day, I fell in love with the song.

    Went to school, told a friend and coincidentally they were already into Asian music, moreso Korean, but they knew the Japanese artist I was referring to and they recommended one song of theirs that I go listen to that they said was amazing. It just so happened that the song was also the title of the Album that it was on and so for some reason I went and ordered the entire Album without ever having heard anything on it and that was it. I was stuck.

    I ordered some of their other Albums that were already out and kept up with them ever since and it took a year or 2 before I gave even another Japanese Artist another thought. And it wasn't until the beginning of 2011 that I gave Korean artists any attention.

    Come for me.

  7. She's not doing anything for me. Lame. At least CK doesnt sound like 99% of Japanese singers when she sings.

  8. I don't have anything against HIMEKA and I wish her all the success she deserves. She's working her target group and does sing well but I disagree on one thing: she's not the best J-ballad singer -- not even close.

  9. Ummm white girl aka HIMEKA is an Anime song singer.
    She has great voice and won a singing competition among hundreds of other Japanese hopefuls lol.
    It's so rude to bash other ppl because of their skin color! -_-

    Here are more of her songs..

  10. Take the song for what it is. A decent ballad.

    I like it and think Himeka sounds better than most J-Pop chicks out at the moment.

    Considering 90% of us on this blog aren't Japanese, can't speak it, yet stan for the music - I think it's ridiculous to shit on her for being white and singing J-Pop.


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