Perfume look terminally ill in the video teaser for "Spending all my time". Still look amazing.


Fans and haters may be up in arms over the song sounding nothing like Perfume and being the worst song they've heard since they fell out of their mother's vagina, but the video looks as though it will be like...TOTALLY Perfume-tastic! If you're not going to show love for the song, at least applaud the Perfume visual team for not having the girls dance on a beach in blonde weaves, along with scenes of A~chan driving down the sunset strip in a pink Hummer whilst Nocchi waves her arms around like a white girl out of the sun roof.

Kashiyuka looks as though she's recovering from a stroke, Nocchi looks brain dead and A~chan looks dead. And yet...they still look amazing.

Haters are still crying over how terrible this song is, meanwhile I play it non stop. I am in full blown love with the song now.


  1. Yes, love this song J! It is the itch on your arm after that fifth play.

    This video is beginning to remind me of "Spice", a lot. Although, I'm really loving the tutting and hand-motions they are giving me in this preview. GOD, where is the full!? DX

  2. I still think the song is a shitapolooza; but I'm in love with the video. It's really creative.

    But I still think this video will tie into a UNIQLO sock commercial.


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