Perfume swing their vaginas to their dick anthem "Hurly burly"

Perfume perform "Hurly burly" | Live performance

Perfume didn't even bother to try and get studio playback of "Hurly burly". They just told the producer 'Play track 3 over the top and fuck the studio audio'. If anybody else did this, we'd want blood. But it's Perfume. These bitches don't sing live ever, but it's okay because they don't sing in the studio any way. I'm almost convinced Nakata is the one who sings the songs and that he just triples the tracks for backing vocals, pitch corrects that shit and then auto tunes it. He wanted to be a solo artist, but...them teeth ain't for Music station. And he ain't got the legs for pleated mini skirts and red bottom heels.

This routine looks so f**king messy. There were limbs, tassels and hair being whipped everywhere...but I still love it. A song like "Hurly burly" needs serious movement and these robohoes sure as hell gave me that. They even worked some waist.

I'm liking Kashiyuka's new one sleeve shizzle. This should be her new thing now. Because as good as she looks in mini skirts, she ain't f**king with Nocchi's leg game. I love how their stylist took those Tina Knowles messes from Destiny's Child's "Bootylicious" video and made them look nice. Perfume's blue tassels shit all over Beyoncé and co's.

I almost prefer this edit of the song to the one on the single release. It sounds much cleaner and less of a cut and paste job.

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  1. I love the dance.

  2. As long as I never hear SAMT again, they can 'sing' an entire concert sitting down and I'll love it.

    Those dresses are a mess though. I don't know who controls their image, but this tassel cowgirl shit isn't flattering.

  3. Watch them tassels whip the dick anthem from another camera angle on another show:

  4. OMG! I love how you describe Perfume's performances.
    I'm waiting for "Daijobanai" full version... and obviusly your review!


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