Single review: Brandy - Wildest dreams

Brandy - Wildest dreams | Single review

Praise be to black Jebus. Brandy has FINALLY given me a song which throws her shit right back to the Brandy I fell in love with when she was dancing bow legged with plaits, giant Kangol hats, Tims and telling n***a's how she wanted to be down.

Now...I do not know if Brandy brainwashed 76% of her fanbase via Twitter, but in the wake of so many fans saying how amazing "Put it down" was, I personally felt the song was f**king awful and one of the worst songs Brandy had ever recorded. It was dreadful. My faith in Brandy's upcoming album plummeted like Adele on a half-pipe when I heard she was working with Sean Garrett and Rico Love, because these n***a's both give every ho the same f**king song and damper the artists originality. Everything I loved about Brandy was completely stripped away in "Put it down". But "Wildest dreams" brings it all back.

What has always made Brandy's music so hot to me is that she has never jumped on bandwagons, which is why I had me a heart attack when I heard "Put it down". "Wildest dreams" is true R&B and pure Brandy. Brandy pours her heart out about finding a love after years of not believing in its existence and how grateful she is to have found it. Brandy has told this story many times before. But Brandy's voice features more conviction than most. And given her relationship break-up's and turmoil's over the years, with the continual troths of her music career from album to album; you believe in what she's singing because you know it's real. And what makes this song so much more poignant is that it's exactly the type of song people want to hear from Brandy now. A song with substance, highlighting Brandy's vocal texture and her untouchable ability to layer harmonies in the most perfect arrangements. Not some outdated duet where grown women are singing to a n***a to log out of Facebook and leave their MacBook or a broad in her 30's allowing some 20 year old wife beater to holla at her that he wants to get in-between her legs.

"Wildest dreams" manages to cross through so many generations of Brandy's career. This wouldn't sound out of place on her debut, Never say never, Full moon or Afrodisiac. This isn't to say the song sounds dated, it's just Brandy's shit isn't as timestampable (made up word alert) as some of her pop peers and her music transcends time and holds up amazingly. Never say never still shits on half of the R&B albums released over the past 10 years and sounds fresh. And Afrodisiac just plain shits on everything.

I want to say that this song gives me a fleck of hope that Sean Garrett won't completely butcher this album, but I'm still on edge about the whole thing, because I know how inconsistent this n***a is and that for every 2 songs he gets right on an album, there's another 5 which sucks more dick than Debbie did in Dallas. But credit where it's due - he delivered on "Wildest dreams" and gave us true Brandy.

As an album cut and something to appease Brandy fans, "Wildest dreams" will hit the spot. But what Brandy needs to do is give something new as a single which not only pleases her devoted fans, but also entices a generation of music listeners who only know of Brandy the alcoholic drink. "Wildest dreams" is too Brandy fan-centric to gain any traction as a hit single. But it's still a jam. Not blazing hot. Not Brandy's most memorable joint. But still a jam. And still miles better than "Put it down the dustbin".


  1. I'm glad she released Wildest Dreams because it restored a bit of my faith in her new album. When I heard it was penned by Sean Garret I was so ready to hate it lmao. I can't stand anything that Donkey Kong looking m*ther F*ckert does, but I have to admit that he brought it with this song. THIS SONG is undeniably Brandy and I so desperately wish Put it Down would go away, but it finally seems to be getting some airplay and it's slowly climbing the charts. I'm more so looking forward to the tracks penned by Frank Ocean; 1st and love was my shit on Human, it never gets old.


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