Snippet: Perfume send wigs to the floor with "Hurly Burly"

There is no real purpose to this post other than for me to just verbally vomit my love for "Hurly burly". The song which everybody fell in love with when it debuted in Kirin's canned piss commercial.

Whilst I love "Spending all my time", I completely understand why fans don't like it and feel as though Universal sold them out to Colonel chicken with it. I think you is all stupid hoes. But I understand where you bitches is coming from. I will not however allow you to bad mouth "Hurly burly". The song sounds so on point. It sounds like old Perfume. It sounds like new Perfume. It sounds like Perfume in 2020. If you don't like it, you can go Thelma & Louise off a cliff.

Here is a list of things I've done to this "Hurly burly" snippet as of June 29th.
  1. Krumped with my hoover
  2. Whipped my head back and fo'th
  3. Got low on my hands and knees
Don't judge me. I know every one of you have done number 3.

I really hope that Universal have these girls shoot a last minute video for this. The love for this song is at fever pitch right now. With everybody having seen them strut down the street to this smash on TV and dance a routine to it at their SUMMER NIGHT gig, fans are going to want a video to this song. I WANT A VIDEO TO THIS SONG!

Listen: Hurly burly

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