Music video: BoA - The shadow

Music video: BoA - The shadow | Random J Pop

The queen of Korea continues to have everybody forget about every other artist signed to SM entertainment. Ain't nobody caring about Super Junior, Girls' generation, SHINee of f(x) right now. Even SM ain't caring. Because Lee Soo Man knows who can make him that money. It's BoA bitch.

During BoA's comeback special, she performed "The shadow" and her performance was inter-cut with footage of the video, leaving fans titillated that BoA was planning to release a music video to the one song everybody knew deserved one.

I went through a complete 180 with this video. The first time I watched it, I did not care for it at all. Then on one lazy ass Friday morning I decided to watch it again and saw the video in a completely different light. The video is hot to death. There's a fair bit going on, the special effects of BoA sitting on the tree in the clouds look as cheap as Sunny's blonde wig, the dance routine isn't as fly as "Only one" and it's inter-cut with so much footage of BoA staring at lampshades and windows that it's never really highlighted, but BoA looks so good. As soon as she stepped out in that little black dress, it was a wrap.

The whole thing was pretty much "Hurricane Venus", "Copy and paste" and Girls' generation's "The boys" all cut into one video; but it was entertaining to watch.

And the head f**king part? BoA's older brother directed both this and "Only one". GET IT BITCH!! BoA is the only artist in SM who could tell SM 'F**k yo' directors. I'mma keep my shit in da famlay. MUH BLOOD FAMLAY!!'


  1. I LOVE the scenes where she looks like she's wearing that military hat with the really low lighting behind her and she's popping those shoulders. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I also dug how they changed up the typical let's-freeze-frame-and-then-rotate-the-camera-a-bit thing and actually played with the dimensions a little bit. Some of the scenes were a little cheap looking but I like that the video tried to have a point and purpose to go with the song. I dug it!

  2. I like the video.

    Song never did anything for me though.


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