Music video: Crystal Kay - What we do

I am speechless. SPEECHLESS!

This shit looked like a stop motion video put together with pictures from Crystal's Instagram. I am offended by this music video. If there was ever a video for Crystal's legal team to pull from the Internet, it's this one. Sweep this shit under a rug and burn the house the rug is in.

"What we do" is such a great song. More over, with it being sung entirely in English and featuring a radio friendly Stargate-esque sound which is primed for the Summer, this would have made a great emissary for Crystal to test the waters of the Western market. A worldwide release on iTunes and a great video was the way to go with this song. Not some slyly put out piece of garbage which is so bad that it was a waste of everybodies time even bothering to shoot it. The only one thing about the video I can't knock is that Crystal looked hot.

Delicious deli need to pull a budget from somewhere and save Vivid. Because "Yo yo" could still help a ho scrape some extra album sales and gain some traction in the west.


  1. I thought this video was rubbish until the last thirty seconds when she started dancing. I thought the video was entirely wrong for the song though. When I hear this song, I envision crystal acting a hoe at a club, grinding up on n*ggas, and poppin her pussy. This video makes sense for her tie in though, it's for some fashion hall thing.

    1. But they still could've shot a decent music video which was showing off clothes and shit and made it hot and tie in better with the song. Look at what Perfume did for "Natural ni koishite". Showed off the clothes, and even the damn shop that sells the clothes and shit, but it was still a fly video which matched the song and was still on that Perfume swag.

      It's just a shame. As you said, the best bit was when Crystal started dancing. And she was GETTIN' IT better than the back-up dancers! I'm in awe of how far she's come with the dancing. She gets better and looks more natural with every music video.


    2. Haha Again, she was out-stepping hoes with the little bit of footwork at the end. At this point, it's a miracle Crystal even got a chance to shoot a pv after her album sales, so I'm not surprised this video is disappointing. Although we all know it could be worse *side eyes Crystal's entire videography save a handful of PVs*. I have to wonder though if Pal Fes or whatever the fuck were the ones pulling strings here because that model was all the fuck up in Crystal's pv. I was like who is this bitch when I first watched it, then Crystal tweeted about her. I'm sure that they're the ones that funded it, because I know Delicious Deli ain't putting another dime into a hoe.

      I also feel bad for Crystal. She's fallen so hard, and it seems like Japan just doesn't give a shit about her anymore. Whatever star power she had, has waned significantly. I wish an American Record label would just give the girl a chance. She has nothing to lose at this point.

  2. I'm tired of that Spending All My Time Nicki Minaj California Girls Tik Tok beat.

    So I'm going to make like 99.9% of Japan and forget this song exists.

  3. Well, it was a promo for Pal Fes live, not an official music video. I understand the disappointment though.

    As for VIVID sales, they even did a "special price" for 4~5 days (it was last month), selling the iTunes album for 1200yen instead of 2000yen. Don't know if it boosted the sales. Probably not :( I didn't even want to post this news on my site, I felt bad for CK lol

    1. "Well, it was a promo for Pal Fes live, not an official music video"


  4. IMHO: I think Crystal Kay needs to push a little bit further with her image and drop the "urban random normal girl from street walking to work" fashion/image. At the end of the day, acting like a glam hoe is what sells.

    I am deeply hurt that Vivid was a great album with fine videos and little physical sales and promotion. And I am tired that she is not getting what she deserves.

    I need a music video combination of the CK in "Kitto eien ni", "Flash", "Kirakuni", "Delicious na Kinyobi","Forever" and a dance-muthafucking-break like in "Superman": A glamorous hoe'ring mess with mystical, crazy outfits that enhance Crystal Kay's beauty.

    I want to see her entering the place in her video and everyone recognizing she is THE DIVA, THE QUEEN... THE GODDESS showing her crazy hairdo whose purpose is to save us all from the cutesy bubblegum pop trash.

    I need to see the Femme Fatale Crystal Kay, smile at the cutest guy in town and leading him to her arms to never let him go. I plead for a Crystal Kay showing us that she is not the random girl who passed by with forgettable clothes and humble attitude (which I personally love but is doing nothing for her career right now) that makes one wonder if she was the leading singer of the video.

    I need Crystal Kay to REALLY surprise us.

    I love the direction she is taking, I love how confident she's gotten, but I think someone needs to remind her that she is CRYSTAL FUCKING KAY! She is not the random bitch, she is THE STAR. So... she needs to push an "Ero-Kakkoi" attitude, at most, a little bit more. Music wise: she can do no wrong.Image wise: still in baby-steps.

    And that ladies and gentleman is my honest opinion.

  5. Not gonna lie, I thought this was going the Lesbian route until them other girls came on. Then I thought it was gonna go the "bachelorette party" route, then I saw the guys outside. Truthfully, all the good concepts that could've went into this video went out the window. But, still, love to see her dancing now. :D

  6. What. In. Duh. Fook. Wuz. Dis?

    See? This is why you don't sell Albums, Crystal. 'Cuz, gal, you don't listen.

    This isn't what we do. This is what you did. And this is why we didn't.

    Albums will stay stuck to them shelves laid out like a sealy posturpedic.

  7. she needs to put some weave in her hair, it looks terrible.


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