Music video: The full length version of Perfume's orgasanthem "Fake it"

Shout outs to Perfume's team for putting the FULL VIDEO on YouTube and not just some stupid ass short version that only people in Japan can watch! BOOM!! It's be pretty arsenine for them to put the full video out for everyone to watch when the video is promo for a global release.

This isn't Perfume's most memorable video and I'll never watch it again. Not enough leg from Nocchi, swagging of the hair from Kashiyuka or A-chan strutting like a bad bitch. But I love the energy from the performance. These robohoes do not sing live for shit, but their choreography game and commitment to moving on that stage to give you a routine which looks JUST like how they work it in the video is 110%. I would give Perfume my money to see them perform. If they were to ever perform the single version of "Glitter" in my prescence I'd collapse into a coma. It'd be the best coma ever just as long as "Glitter" plays whilst I'm in that shit. ♪ KIRA KIRAAAAAAAA no YUUUUUUME, no NAAAAKA DEEEEEEEEEEEE!! ♪


  1. they made the youtube top 100 at #76 but its the shorter version of the video that made it


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