Perfume's orgasanthem "Fake it" gets a video

I'm pretty certain  that some Perfume fans killed themselves when the JPN track list dropped and the orgasanthem "Fake it" was not on there. I'm sure they'd be smiling down on this shit, because the song will feature on Perfume's best release Love the world and it has itself a video!!

This video doesn't look as sharp as Perfume's usual PV's. But their quirkiness, uncanny synchronicity and sex appeal still comes through. It's great to see the energy of the crowd from Perfume's live performances worked into a video. "Fake it"'s video kinda reminds me of Kylie Minogue's "I believe in you" and Kumi's "Lay down", only 2 gazillion times better. Because that's how Perfume roll with everything they do.

Thank laser shooting Jebus that my robohoes working some hot JPN inspired dresses, because they were beginning to fall off with dem dresses. Perfume fans know that they keep that single / album artwork, music video and promotional style tie in on air tight consistency; so you all would have eagled-eyed that the dresses in the music video are the same dresses they are sporting on the Love the world album cover. VISUAL CONSISTENCY BITCHES!! Your fave has tried and not succeeded.

Perfume's wardrobe was beginning to take a bit of a dive in live performances and TV appearances. But when you've popped your p***y in light up dresses for "Spring of life", there is nowhere for the styling to go but down. Bitches peaked with that shit. There is still totally a chance for this PV to feature scenes of Perfume dancing, with the orange bits of their dresses glowing UV style in the dark though. I am wasted on this blog. I should be part of Perfume's visual team. The first thing I'd do is address the length of Nocchi's shorts. NOT SHORT ENOUGH!!

I love how Perfume are riding the sex bandwagon with such wholesomeness. First the scandalous prostitute 'love you long time' jam "Spending all my time", then the dick anthem "Hurly burly" and now the 'you didn't hit it right, but I'mma scream anyway' orgasanthem "Fake it". I love these robohoes with all my heart.


  1. Take note gold skinned Japan hoes, this is how you style and present yourself in 2012.

    Their next dresses will be made of Kawayuka's skin.

  2. Great video. I think there is something like pheromones.


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