Single review: Christina Aguilera - Your body

Christina Aguilera - Your body | Single review

Whilst Britney was busy tittering on the fine line of sex, Christina was f**king herself with it. 10 years on from "Dirrty" and the ho is still filth. Screaming over a 90's ditty about wanting to crush f**k a dude's body. Classy stuff.

"Crush your body" is a much better lead single than Back to basics' "Ain't no other man" and Bionic's "Not myself tonight". But those were such weak singles, that it would never take much to better them. Adopting a 90's mid tempo groove with buzzing synths slinking in and out of the song, 60's sampled croons and a call out hook of ♪ Woah-ooo-oh ♪'s "Your body" feels instantly familiar. But not necessarily instantly likeable. It's not the type of song you either love or hate. More the type of song you either love or 'Mmm' and 'Ahhs about until you eventually reside with the song not being completely shit. The song lacks the Max Martin flourishes here and there, and the song lacks an epic breakdown; instead featuring a bridge which just ascends to nothing but Christina screaming. But in a weird way, the lack of over production and bells and whistles is what makes this song work, because it doesn't feel like Christina is so desperate for a hit. You could argue that she is by teaming up with Max Martin and Shellback who are no strangers to the top 10 and deciding to go full on pop. But even so, "Your body" doesn't feel like a cop out or an act of desperation. Even if it is.

Some folk are kicking up a fuss over the tempo, wishing it were ratched up a few extra beats per minute, but I like the tempo as it is. It being slower than most other pop / dance tracks out at the minute makes it a nice change of pace and a breath of fresh air despite the sound being anything but. Christina Aguilera was never going to drop anything with a 4/4 signature and some double time, because homegirls' body is in no fit state to dance to those kind of tempos right now. Not after sitting in a giant leather chair for the best part of a year.

If I were to have any concerns over Christina's shit, it wouldn't be this single, but her album as a whole. If she wants to do pop, then she's entitled to. But if this is the route she's going to take, then she's going to have to side line the Linda Perry and Sia penned ballads of heartache and inner turmoil, because they can't co-exist on an album of Max Martin produced jams about wanting to put a man in a wheelchair by diving on top of his body. Bionic was over-long and a complete cluster-f**k of too many different sounds and types of songs. If there's one thing Britney has always had over Christina Aguilera aside from the likeable personality, strong album sales and wall to wall hits, it's that her albums have been short, sweet and consistent (with the exception of In the zone). Christina is not going to be able to please everybody, so she needs to decide what sound she's willing to stick with for a promotional run of single releases and performances and make an album be about that.

I don't love "Your body", but I do like it and feel it'll grow on me. I can definitely see myself drunkenly shouting that hook in somebodies face in a club and getting a bit handsy. "Your body" feels like the type of song Christina should have done a long time ago, but chose not to because she was so hell bent on avoiding pop to try and distance herself from Britney as much as possible. It's been a long wait, but the fruits of Christina's pop labours are here now and it works so much better with "Your body" than it did on "Not myself tonight" because it doesn't feel so shamelessly desperate to try and be a hit and compete with what's being released by anybody else.


  1. I loved "In the zone", Hope Xtina do something more like "Stripped" that "Bionic" with this new release

  2. I automatically loved this shit and I know you'll think it's just because I'm a stan but it isn't, It's because this is a hot top 40 track but like you said doesn't seem as desperate as most of those kinds of song and the fact Xtina kept it dirrty and didn't back down after "NMT" and what people said.
    I think the video's gonna be hot no matter what her size and what I want from the album is shorter (she has said it will be quality not quantity) and just all around good shit. I actually want some uptempos and some ballads too, as an Xtina fan That is what I look for from her.

    P.S "Aint no other man" was a tune.


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