Album art: Taylor Swift - Red

Album art: Taylor Swift - Red | RandomJpop

I'm no fan of Taylor Swift. The only time I took a remote interest in her was when Kanye shat in his hand and high fived Taylor's face publicly at the VMA's. But she's got me again with this. Such a simple album cover, yet so striking in its execution. It's 60's. It's vinyl sleeve. It's classic. It's hot. It's better than Chunktina's Lotus.

Red will go number 1 on every North American chart in existence and sell so many copies that processing factories will be asking their non passport owning staff to work over time and AOL won't have enough bandwidth to let a user download the damn thing from iTunes.


  1. Sure it has a nice outside, but the music made my body physically convulse at how awful it was.

    Plus, girl is a deep down bitch.

  2. The ChrisTina shade out of nowhere put me straight to rest. LOL!


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