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Crystal is currently sitting alone crying into her tempura mix and throwing her latest CD of demo's onto the okonomiyaki hot plate, wondering why nobody wants to buy her shit. And BoA is plotting to put Korea on hold and make a comeback in Japan to f**k up Beni's friendship with Crystal as revenge for stealing her Identity album cover.

Beni is not slowing her role for any ho. With sales of her albums not being completely terrible since the first week chart positioning of Lovebox, Beni has been dropping albums faster than every child after baby number 4 fell out of Octomum's UFO sized vagina. Covers is still selling and taking good spots in Tsutaya record stores, but that's not stopping Beni from releasing its follow up. The imaginatively titled Covers 2.

Crystal Kay may want to cancel that hair appointment.

  1. Lovers again originally performed by EXILE
  2. Christmas eve | クリスマス イブ originally performed by Yamashita Tatsuro
  3. Shiroi koibitotachi | 白い恋人達 originally performed by Kuwata Keisuke
  4. Utautai no ballad | 歌うたいのバラッド originally performed by Saito Kazuyoshi
  5. Squall originally performed by Fukuyama Masaharu
  6. Cherry | チェリー originally performed by Spitz
  7. Chiisana koi no uta | 小さな恋のうた originally performed by MONGOL800
  8. I love you originally performed by Ozaki Yutaka
  9. Rakuen | 楽園 | originally performed by Ken Hirai
  10. Pieces of a dream originally performed by CHEMISTRY
  11. Towa ni | 永遠に originally performed by The Gospellers
  12. Hajimari wa itsumo ame | はじまりはいつも雨 originally performed by ASKA
  13. Seppun kiss | 接吻 kiss originally performed by ORIGINAL LOVE

Covers 2 follows the exact same template as the original. She's covering a couple of the same artists she covered before. The overall sound is the same. Her look is the same. Beni is sticking to that Covers template like glue. Beni wants to capitalize on a good thing and release something which is guaranteed to sell well over the holiday period and have its songs get commissioned for use in J-dramas and shit. And this is a sure fire way to go about hitting all of those bases. But Beni is going to have to drop a brand new album of original material next year, because nobody is going to care about a Covers 3 in 2013.

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  1. Nobody cares about Covers 2... Well only her fans... Wich might forget she's an artist for releasing the same shit with no changes and stealing BoA's cover "concept"

  2. I want it to plop straight down to charts to nonexistence so labels and artists will learn that repeating bull shit like this isn't okay.

  3. Why do Jpop artists keep doing cover albums?? First Beni, Thelma, Lecca and i think i am forgetting more...


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