Album arts + tracklisting: Thelma Aoyama - My covers

Album arts + tracklisting: Thelma Aoyama - My covers | Album arts + tracklisting: Thelma Aoyama - My covers |

With Angela Aki receiving widespread acclaim and shitting on originals with Songbook and Beni somehow managing to push units for months straight with Covers, Thelma Aoyama is clambering onto the bandwagon and releasing a cover album too. Thelma had better pray an album of gaijin jams do something for her; because pimping K-Pop on her last album did nothing and Will barely sold enough units to cover an hours worth of lighting in the basement toilet cubicle of Universal music headquarters.

Looking absolutely tramped out on the album covers, the track listing for the album features some brave choices. Angela went so piano and classic with her covers, that she made them her own and sometimes incomparable to the originals. Beni took the route of keeping the song pool strictly Japanese, so Westeners could not make out whether or not she was ruining classics. Where-as Thelma is taking on Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and John Lennon. The girl has balls.

  1. Billie Jean originally performed by Michael Jackson
  2. So sick originally performed by Ne-Yo
  3. Every breath you take duet originally performed by The Police
  4. You give love a bad name originally performed by Bon Jovi
  5. Virtual insanity originally performed by Jamiroquai
  6. Honesty originally performed by Billy Joel
  7. What's going on originally performed by Marvin Gaye
  8. This love originally performed by Maroon 5
  9. I don't want to miss a thing originally performed by Aerosmith
  10. Imagine originally performed by John Lennon

What is it with Billy Joel's "Honesty"? How many chicks is gonna cover this song!? The Amazonian empress from the kingdom of lost wigs, better known as Beyoncé mauled the song 4 years ago. And Angela Aki dropped a piano on it last year.

Thelma has shot short PV's to half of the songs on the album. Amaterasu knows where she managed to get the budget to do so. Thelma's trick game may be stronger than I thought.

Billie Jean

So sick

You give love a bad name


There is 5MB reserved on my iPod for "You give love a bad name" when My covers releases. The rest can get cosy in my recycle bin. Thelma's A&R may want to think about having Thelma retread a slice of rock for her next studio album, because it really suits her voice. I loved when she tittered on the edge of it on "I'm sorry" for Emotions. But I think she should dive wig first into for a track or two for her next album.

I hope My covers pushes units for Thelma, otherwise this chick may need to consider submitting an application form to Go go Curry!!

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  1. it's a surprise to me how many jap. singers keep their contracts for such a long time when they only manage to push 500 single/album sales in total for years. thelma is definitely one of them. and that tracklist is such a fucking corny mess it actually might work for her.

    with that said: CK girl, you know what your next album should be like if you still care about your career.

  2. omg at all these hoes hopping on a cover album mess cause BENI's sold so well
    *waits for CK's to slay the lessors*

  3. I am not sure if a covers album will work for Crystal if it is released to the same market. If they can't appreciate her singing her own original hotness, how the hell will they appreciate her singing someone else's. If she is going to go the covers route again, she better release it internationally or at least in the US.

    As for Thelma, I completely agree with J on his assessment of what suits her best vocally. I felt the fire on the Bon Jovi cover. Rock definitely suits her voice very well, and she should look into incorporating that into her future releases. This cover gives me the same feeling that Utada did when she released "Show Me Love (Not A Dream)". Maybe Crystal should have released 8 mini videos instead of 4 big ones. Thelma did a good job of recycling her outfit pieces and using people's living rooms to get the job done.

    1. LOL, no on cared about BENI singing her own original material either (Fortune bombed, her singles hardly did much better), but then COVERS came out and started selling like gangbusters. Its hilarious how Japan doesn't give a F**k if you sing your own sh*t but the moment you start covering some old dusty ass ballads you start selling.

  4. BORING BORING BORING. This shit might actually work for her, since Beni's Covers was just as boring as well and that shit managed to go platinum.


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