Ayu drops it like she's still hot, with "Song 4 U".

Parlee queen Ayumi Hamasaki has a new single on the way, which is tied to Tales of Xilia 2. We should have seen it coming with Kumi Koda dropping a new single tied to an anime. The song is titled "Song 4 U" and you can hear it in the latest Tales of Xilia 2 promo. It starts off A LOT like "You and me". But stick with it. Because it actually doesn't suck completely.

Ayu is singing in a range which renders the song safe for listening and doesn't deafen canines. A major improvement from everything on Party queen and that horrendous flopfest that was "You & me". It sounds much more like her older stuff, but less overblown and with greater vocal control. It's not new and it's what we've heard her do many times before. But given her recent floppage, it's understandable that Ayu would choose to play it safe.


  1. The song is great and dandy, but can we talk about this video game for a second?

    It's 2012 people, not 1999. Get your graphics IN LINE.

  2. SLAYS... seriously, this shits on everything on "Love song" except "Return Road" which I still love. This song is like her old stuff which is why I love it, It's not too overblown but still has that OTT Ayu thing, the "DO YOU DARE YEAHYEAH YEAHYEAH YEAHYEAHYEAH" bit slays meeeee, she needs to perform this live.


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