Ayu to drop 6 mini albums between now and April. Flat out refuses to take any form of seat.

Ayu to drop 6 mini albums between now and April | WTF?

To celebrate her 15 year anniversary, Ayu will be releasing a mini album every month between November and April. Ayu tried to take a seat, but Kumi's sitting in that shit with her child, so she  has to keep pushing out music to remain relevant; after her last 2 releases failed to set anything on fire but the bridge between her current self and her former self who was able to sail in at number 1 with ease.

The tracklist for the first mini album has been released and it's chock a block with so many instrumentals and remixes that to even call it a mini album feels like some form of blasphemy  This is just a glorified single. 3 new songs, 4 instrumentals and 5 remixes = NOT A MINI ALBUM. Does this bitch think nobody remembers when she dropped a quadruple A-side back in 1999 which featured 6 remixes and 4 instrumentals?

So you can expect each mini album to be a slap dash release of 2 new songs 4 remixes and 7 instrumentals, with an A-NNIVERSARY release featuring all of the new material from each 'mini album' on one disc, with a limited edition featuring a 2 discs worth of remixes.

I kinda can't wait to see how much of a mess the album covers are. Because those A SUMMER BEST covers couldn't have been any messier if Manuel threw the divorce papers on them and shat all over the damn things.

Whilst Namie is cancelling shows due to typhoons, Kumi is trying to catch those anime checks and Ayu is trying to prove that she's still number one; Hikaru Utada is living her life, tweeting and still remaining relevant. If Tetsuya Nomura ever announces Kingdom Hearts 3, these hoes best be ready for that theme song to drop and shut down all of their careers for a hot minute.

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  1. Yes, For that last sentence. :)

  2. I heard this bitch is fighting to stay in Avex also... Shady people saying she got too much power on the company and now they wanna kick her ass out... Can careless to be honest, she can get her nasty ass kicked and sign with Sony the next day.

    As far as the releases go... well, bitch is afraid of releasing a physical single. Good luck to her, because i can't see her on the top of the game again... not with Beni coming strong, Namie shiting on her, Kumi got her baby and her shit will sell good when she drops another album and Hikki might return just to put bitches on their seats.

    Oh fliday night... Mah wig's about to fly

    1. BYE... I read that article and it was mostly BS, they said if "A Summer Best" didn't do well she'd be on the backburn and they're already pushing 6 "mini albums" out...
      I know it's not gonna happen but I do wonder if her switching to a different label would be for the best though, Avex are treating her as a cash cow (with her consent or not) and a new label might bring a breath of fresh air to her team / music that is needed. "Song 5 U" is a step in the right direction but unless Avex stops milking her fans, takes time to put a good album out (which she could do if given the time) and she actually gets her ass on some music shows to PROMOTE things will continue to slide.
      Having said that the plus is that despite her off par vocals the last few times I've seen she still slays live and I would actually pay to see her over namie (no shade).

    2. HELLO... You in denial stans have no Shade to give. All of it is being cast on ayumi hamaSUCKI. Bish ain't ever gonna sweat again.


    3. No worries i would pay to see even Yamapi before Ayu, no shade (Yamapi's one cancer when he sings live)

  3. GuUuUuUuUurl!


  4. Marries that last sentence, and hopes for the sequel!

  5. This chick is still releasing music?

    Last sentence = Truth

  6. I liked her very much before. I have seldom been listening her song recently. So, I want to listen this album. She is cute and cool!

  7. "Song 4 U" is decent. But she runs the risk of ruining this fleck of decency with over saturation. 6 singles, being touted as mini albums in 6 months, bloated with remixes and instrumentals is overkill; even for Ayu. I'd expect this stunt from Kumi. But not Ayu.

  8. hey her mini album covers look like she is back to 2000...i like ur honest comments credit to that! but let's keep faith. Her song 4 u is like wat u said = playing safe and with more vocal control. i really really hope ayu will not disapoint us again! cheers!


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