Brandy snatches Whitney's wig from heaven in her BET rehearsals

Brandy performed at the Whitney tribute at this year's BET awards. Everybody jumped in with their 2 cents to say that she mimed and Lawd knows what else. We will never know for sure. But what we do know, is that Brandy can sing the shit out of some Whitney, and this rehearsal video is what proves it. That grape juice were invited to her rehearsal session where they filmed the velvet textured vocalist doing her thing, and she sounded even better than she did on the night.

Haters. Please take your seats. Try to tell me that Brandy can't sing after this and I will release the trap door under ya'lls chairs and feed you to the crocodiles. You can all stay mad whilst my jade coloured pretties snack on yo' legs.

Brandy snatched Whitney's Nippy wig from heaven, 2-stepped on it and then threw it back up to her. *Pixelated shades drop from the sky onto the face of Brandy on her Two eleven album cover* Deal with it.


  1. Brandy fucking killed this.
    I love this bitch.

  2. All the haters can get your life! *Tamar Braxton Voice *
    Brandy is slaying some of these female for shame.

    Her new album is a classic she giving me that never say never full moon vibe its worth listening to.

  3. How the fuq does TGJ keep getting all these exclusives? That should be youuuuu J!


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