Brandy's Pocahontas wig graces on the cover of VIBE Vixen

Brandy shows titties on the cover of VIBE Vixen |

It was nice of VIBE to grace Brandy with a cover of VIBE Vixen and headline Ke$ha on the main VIBE issue. Good to see they're supporting TEH ethnics and showing love for urban music. Props VIBE. Mad props!

That shot on the left would have made a hot album cover. Not that it would matter. Nobody will be seeing Two eleven in stores for long anyway. I had to spend my whole lunch break in HMV just to find the damn thing. The merchandisers may as well have put the album on the floor and kicked it under the table stacked with a pyramid of Jessie J's autobiography - because it was THAT tucked away.

Shade aside, Brandy looks hot. I've never gotten why people have thrown around the whole she's ugly, she's not a conventional beauty thing. Because I always thought she was ridiculously pretty. Those eyes on that Never say never album cover sex me inside out every time I look at them. And Brandy looks gorgeous in the Two eleven inlay.

Brandy's stint in VIBE Vixen was shot by fashion photographers Gomillion and Leupold, who also shot Brandy for Two eleven.


  1. I never thought she was ugly either
    But she's definitely not a conventional (in other words typical and boring) beauty.
    She always gives me Blasian for some reason

  2. That's photoshop.

    That's why she's not ugly here.

    She got older and anorexic and it severely changed the contours of her face from her Moesha days.

    She got older and lost her pretty and now her face is challenged.

  3. Gives me blasian to... but ugly blasian. LOL


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