Fairies gimme dat Super monkeys throwback for "White angel"

These girls can't dance, they can't sing and this music video looks like it was shot on the set of "Love the way you lie" before the stunt team set that shit on fire. But this jam is giving me Namie Amuro and Super monkey new-new in 2012 vibes.

Poor girls. They'll never made a man happy with waists that stiff.

The song is a mess. But when that bassline hits on the chorus, I have to fight with my conscious who knows this is such a mess to not start putting in some work with a 2-step, drop and a slide. But if Namie Amuro had sung this song in 1995 or put this shit on Uncontrolled, it would be my everything. It would be your everything. The wig loss casualties would rise by another few hundred. There is no escaping that Eurobeat bassline.


  1. Yup it's a hot mess... at least it sounds like an actual group.. and not just "you sing 3 words, you the chorus, you the background vocals and the rest of you basic bitches you do playback".

    And the Super Monkey feel comes from those booty shorts with skank heels


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