Hiromi does some reggae shit for "Honesty"

The CEO of Sugabee records must have scratched off a year's worth of free Big Mac's and coffee's at McDonald's this year, because a n***a clearly has money to spend on Hiromi. Money which was not there for the release of Rainbow and sure as hell was not in the kitty for Magic.

To celebrate having some spare change, Hiromi was given a 1000 yen allowance and a PASSMO loaded with 240 yen worth of fare to shoot a music video for "Honesty". The title track from her third studio album due for release on October 24th.

I do not care for the song. But I do care for Hiromi and am glad that R&B's third wheel which is keeping the game alive from the bottom is managing to get more videos out of Honesty than she's managed to get out of her past 2 albums combined. Although, no video or song she's released since has come close to touching "Yes". The video was a mid 80's edited mess. But it was amazing. And if you've heard the song, then...well...you know it's the best thing ever.

SUPPORT DIS BITCH and buy Honesty.

Album reviews: Rainbow | Magic


  1. don't know about j-reggae but i will def. check out her album once it comes out.

  2. Did someone just swipe a projector transparent sheet with Japanese written on it past the camera?

    Poor Hiromi's videos are pretty laughable, but I like how persistent she is at what she's doing.

    Not digging the reggae though, I need more crack like 'Yes'.


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