Hiromi performs her ballad single "I need you" with a n***a on a turntable

Hiromi - I need you | Live performance

Hiromi performed her hit single "I need you" at some event. I have no idea where this was or what it was for or how she even got this gig. But it was nice to see her get a little bit of shine on a stage. I won't say a thing about Hiromi's shaky ass vocals. To go in on those in lieu of her single flopping and her inevitable sure to flop album, I want to stay positive for this chick. Because the J-R&B game needs her. Even if it doesn't know she exists.

This performance was not elegant. Most chicks would have had the lights down low and been in a spotlight whilst some dude sits at a piano out of shot and pretends to play along to the music. But Hiromi isn't most chicks. Hence why she had her n***a on the decks behind her and had dem lights up on full blast looking like this performance was talking place on the second floor of a Topshop.

I love this woman. And really hope whoever is privately financing Sugabee records continues to risk payments on their mortgage and the repossession of their home to keep this chick signed and putting out music.


  1. Gurl needs to say holla to Avex they can pimp her with 6 releases every year

  2. I agree i think she just needs to sign with a major company like avex, and get her name out there.. THIS GIRL DESERVES IT.

  3. Did you know Hiromi worked as a backup vocalist on Namie's PLAY?

    1. I sure did! Mentioned it way back in my review of Hiromi's 'Rainbow' when talking about the song "Yes".


  4. Yes i do she has sang for namie amuro. She also is the girl singing in filth in beauty by the gazette.


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