Just because... Miss Dipsy (aka The queen of tarmac twerk) shakes her jelly to Ciara's "Got me good"

Ciara shook dat booty and showed everybody how frail bitches get down. But Miss Dipsy (aka The queen of the tarmac twerk) had to represent for the plus size ladies, La-La, Po and Tinky Winky; to show everybody how big girls drop it lower than Drew Carey can drop a price.

Ciara's video is but a mere drop in an ocean of wigs compared to this. Did Ciara at any point 2-step in front of a public bus, shake a titty at a fence and drop it to the floor and open her legs wide? I DON'T THINK SO!

♪ Her back is aching, her bra too tight
Her legs is chaffing from the left to da right ♪

Ciara best hope Miss Dipsy don't rent out a penthouse suite at the Hilton, roll out the tarpaulin, grease that shit with crisco and get down on her knees to "Sorry", otherwise CiCi may look a bit redundant. No jokes about Ciara already being redundant please. She is trying. And regardless of what you haters say about "Got me good", I like it. And so does Miss Dipsy, so your opinion is VOID!


  1. I'm mad she had one move that we saw like five times through 90 seconds of footage. However, I do wish that I could master the technique of holding my backfat back with my arms.

    I love that she's just in the streets of the Dominican Republic or w/e and no one is bothered with this fuckery.

    Also that song is doing nothing for me at first listen.

  2. Missy Elliot and Ciara teaming back up folks!

  3. LMFAO J wtf is this, what did you make me watch?
    You wrong for this, all of this, smh


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