Kumi Kohovah covers ViVi looking like a lifeless rock groupie

Kumi Kehovah covers ViVi looking like a lifeless rock groupie | randomjpop.blogspot.com

With Kumi's child out of her vagina, leaving her free to stuff it with bottles of Moet, bowling balls and IKEA furniture, she's back to prove that SHE is Japan's number 1 skank. In one fell swoop of hair and partially shown titties, Kumi has managed to tell Maki Goto to go to hell and bump one of ViVi's resident models Namie Amuro onto some other magazine this day of the week.

I approve of Kumi looking like a rock groupie who just got passed around dudes in the VIP dressing room. But if her heart isn't going to be into giving me skankness, I'd rather she didn't bother. Kumi's heart is not into being a tramp as it used to be. I'm tired of this lifeless sex appeal. TIRED OF IT!! But she still look good tho. And Kumi. I see yo' photoshopped titties. Ain't no way they'd look that buxom and pert after dropping a child and spending the past 2 months having it suck on them for dear life.

I'm really not ready for Kumi to drop anything new, but she will any way, because it's how she rolls. Kohovah's witnesses are waiting for this trick to shame another Ayu release with a higher chart position with less sales in a first week.


  1. Those titties are sitting nicely
    Breast feeding is doing her some good

  2. Like you said, girl better not be just teasing with the skankness; I want her next album (coming out next week in five formats featuring a life sized sex doll with the DVD+CD special anniversary edition) full of nothing but Juicy's and Taboo's.

  3. She is dropping a new single 10/24/2012 called "Go to the Top".

  4. there she goes probably trying to sell her contact lenses


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