Music video: Ciara - Got me good

I was ready to write this chick off and send her a PDF application form for Phillips 66. And then she dropped "Got me good" and reminded me why I continue to keep an ear to the ground for her.

Ciara delivered a great video, danced as though her career depends on it (which it does) and gave us the type of song which is not only synonymous with her style, but sounds hot and ready for pop radio too. But Ciara's been here before. She's been here for "Work" and she's been here for "Gimme dat". Great songs with great videos, both of which had Ciara put her foot down on that pedal and speed into Flop city so fast that all n***as at the state line caught was the streak of her tail lights.

Having children lie on sand with their legs open as Ciara sings ♪ Lurrve me owl night, babay owwwl night ♪ may have been inappropriate. But I was too in love with the song and in awe of Ciara's footwork to really take much note of that.

Janet. Ciara has your wig. Win a dance off and you might be able to have it back.


  1. Song is outdated as shit.

    She dances really well though, but that doesn't matter when people hear the song on the radio (lol like it'll get radio play) and don't see her ass moving faster than light.

  2. The chorus for this song is awful, it ruins the song. She can dance, we all know this, but that isn't going to save her career and this song will flop just like the rest.

  3. I love the song, it's just super catchy and the video is cute too.

  4. I agree here and there with some of the stuff above. But I do like the song a lot -- bought it on itunes and everything --as that booty beat and the second half of the chorus has me jammin. Something to be said about her sticking to this urban sound and trying to make it work for her. It's like Gretchen trying to make "fetch" happen...

    It looks more like CiCi is the one that's wigless because she went and burined it with MJ. There wasn't a space of two counts in those dance combos that weren't inspired by MJ or Janet.

    1. There wasn't a space of two counts in those dance combos that weren't inspired by MJ or Janet.


  5. Ciara's Got Me Good video, is parched, dry and set in a desert: A perfect metaphor for her current state of affairs.

    LA Ried is wasting his money on Ciara

  6. R u kidding this video gave me chills! It's everything I want to see in a dance video so much fun and energy!!


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