Music video: P!nk backflips over your faves dead body in "Try"

P!nk is too busy giving amazeballs in her music video for "Try" to even bother with collecting wigs. The bitch is STRONG. So even if a ho tried to put up a fight for her hair, P!nk would have it in her hands regardless. Even Shakira has to bow her head and let P!nk have a free snatch for making her physical efforts in "Did it again" look like a 3 minute flop fest. (Although Shakira gets my vote with the song. "Did it again" was / still is blazing).

"Try" is about the tumultuous dance that is love. But it's also the verb annotation of what your fave needs to do to stay relevant.

I've listened to I'm not dead Part 3 aka Funhouse reloaded aka The truth about love and I'm not feeling it. The only song on it which jumped out at me was "Slut like you", because Max Martin stays handling that business and giving out hot shit which is a guaranteed hit upon release. My fave album of the bunch will always be Can't take me home. I've always kept a vigil for R&B P!nk in my Air force one shoebox. Hoping she'll come back, but knowing deep down that she was shanked and put into the back of a Pontiac the second Linda Perry said 'Yes' to producing the follow up.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to play "Let me let you know" and mutter under my breath as to why on earth "Hell wit ya" was not made a single.


  1. It's not fair for her to even try to snatch a bitch's wig, because it's honestly no match. I honestly think she could give a lot of dudes a run for their money. I knew the hoe was strong when I saw her bust out those inside push-ups with ease when she was on stage with No Doubt. This video just further proves why hoes in the game best keep their shade to themselves when it comes to pink.

    Pink staying within a very fixed formula for her music really sucks because I know Pink has the potential to be an artist that I like. She's a great performer; she demonstrates athleticism and physicality that no other bitch in the game could pull off, but her music is just too generic/top 40 friendly.
    R&B Pink>>>>> Pop-Rock Pink. Catch me While I'm Sleeping and Family Portrait never get old and STILL get constant spins from me.

  2. Definitely agree with you Mel R. She needs to incorporate more diversity in her music. I always thought she was going to move into a more eclectic sound but after Try This it's been purely pop/rock which gets old fast. The Truth About Love stretches a little bit, but not enough. The really sad thing about it is that the girl can SANG! It's so disappointing because she limits herself and fan base by doing the same thing musically over and over again.


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