Music video: Solange - Losing you

Solange went for the 80's and left it looking like it caught a case of alopecia with this shit. Why a bitch gotta drop this Summer feel good slice of 80's pop / soul crack when it's pretty much Winter!? Not that it matters. But damn...this woulda been so nice had it dropped in the Summer.

Solange gave me Sade, Madonna, Shalamar, Rose Royce and a bit of Prince, all in one song. Beyoncé could NEVER! You just know Beyoncé will be mad when she catches wind of this song. She'll leave Blue Ivy neglected in the corner of some studio whilst she's chasing her next hit in the booth, screaming lyrics she didn't write but will claim she did.

The lazy Summer haze days video was directed by Melina Matsoukas, who seems to have a video out on YouTube and TV rotation every f**king week. And this relaxing dose of potential pop / soul masterpiecedness was produced by Dev Hynes, who is currently working with Solange on her third studio album. They set the bar with "Losing you". They'd better trample it with this album.


  1. I didn't think much about this song on a first listen, but I really like it now. It's a really feel good, up-lifting song, even if the subject matter is about losing someone hahaha.

  2. I live for Solange her music is beautiful I just hope this album makes some Noise ! OK!

    IF Beyonce can call herself King B then Solange is a Prince
    or maybe she needs to be a knight and SLAY with this album!

  3. n**ga when you doin a review of riri's diamonds?

    1. So quick to hear the truth about that overrated track?! And you couldn't put this on the cbox?! 'In Tamar's voice': "Have several seats!"

      On-topic: this pleasantly shocked me; I always loved how enveloped she becomes in these styles, she makes them her own and I really hope we get a Sol-Angel and the Hadley St. Dreams 2.0 with this next record.

    2. Lol don't lie, you know you got that on your ipod and playlist like everybody else!

      Nice try though solo...glad B let you out of the basemement for a change.

    3. No thanks. I'd rather not waste my money on that (again) overrated track. Like I didn't waste my money on that other overrated track on the last album.

  4. THIS IS FIRE!! I loved Sol-angel and the Hadley St Dreams. OMg! I just want an album right now!

  5. thanks for the posts. nice blog.


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